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Muhammad Talha Customer Support Representative - Female
Posted:   2 weeks ago

We are looking for a FEMALE candidate to provide Customer Support to our clients from Home. Initial ...

Muhammad Ali Wordpress Theme For Cars Showroom
Posted:   2 weeks ago

I am looking for a cars showroom theme. it should be attractive and something different from ...

Zaryab Simple Android App For Uni Project
Posted:   2 weeks ago

This is a simple android application for a University final year project. The app needs to have ...

Suleman Ashraf Event And Task Management System
Posted:   2 weeks ago

Need to Develop the Event and Task Management System in Angular 7, Node.js Web Api and SQL Server....

Adeel Software Engineer For Long Term Project
Posted:   3 weeks ago

1 - 2 years of software development experience using ASP.Net and C#. A solid understanding of how ...

Aalia Community Page Management
Posted:   3 weeks ago

I need a community page manager on facebook, intagram. The requirement would be to keep the page ...

Syed Accountant Experienced Quickbooks Online
Posted:   1 month ago

DESCRIPTION Job Description: We are looking for an Accountant who can work on Quickbooks in ...

Syed Website Developer With Experience
Posted:   1 month ago

DESCRIPTION Job Description • Experience and a good understanding of Magento, PHP and ...

Basit Data Compilation
Posted:   2 months ago

Compile survey data of about 2500-3000 questionnaires filled in Microsoft Excel and provide simple ...

iftikhar Business Registration And Plugin Dev
Posted:   2 months ago

I need to make a freelancing website to provide services. I want to integrate Jazzcash and Easypay. ...

Yusuf Marketing Manager Needed
Posted:   2 months ago

We are a international company doing business in the USA. We are looking for an EXPERIENCED ...

Ubaid Saleem Fashion Designer For Women Clothing Line
Posted:   2 months ago

A fashion designer, a logo designer and a marketing person required for a soon starting clothing ...

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I was looking for someone who could help me make an ecommerce website where people can buy latest steampunk watches and steampunk glasses. I posted the ad on Having worked with global sites like and, I was skeptical at first, but once I found a freelancer here, I was amazed at the speed and quality of the website.

Best bang for the buck. Will defintely use for my upcoming projects. Here's what the launched website looks like: - Salman (Metronics)
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