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Muhammad KPYEP - Website Development
Posted:   6 months ago

KPYEP is looking to redo its website to give its audience a fresh new feel and add more features. ...

Pixel Squarespace Website Edits
Posted:   7 months ago

Hello, Looking for someone who can edit squarespace theme. Not content, but themes. I have a ...

Malik Need A Brochure Updated
Posted:   7 months ago

Hi, I need a brochure updated. I will share details with the chosen freelancer. regards, ...

saba 3D Maya
Posted:   7 months ago

1.2 Assignment You shall rig your personal, or from a pick of the teachers static objects to a ...

Parallex Amazon Marketing Professional Needed
Posted:   7 months ago

I need to find someone who can generate sales with my Amazon listings. Optimising the listings with...

Parallex Video Editing
Posted:   7 months ago

I have a video and I want to hire someone, who can make it more professional and put my info over ...

Anis Wordpress Developer
Posted:   7 months ago

Need an experienced wordpress developer for multiple projects. Should have a little design and SEO ...

Anis Video
Posted:   7 months ago

1) Infographics a. Script will be provided b. 45 to 60 seconds c. No voice over only music d. ...

Andrey Punjabi Speakers
Posted:   7 months ago

Are you a native Punjabi Speaker? Participate to our Data Collection projects and get compensated!...

Luqman Review Paper
Posted:   7 months ago

I Need Someone To Write A Review Paper For Me On The Topic... "CONTAMINATION OF FRESHWATER" Here...

Muhammad Kazim Pictures Editing
Posted:   7 months ago

Remove background from around 50-60 pictures

Furqan Ahmed Quick Bot Creation Very Simple Task
Posted:   7 months ago

Bot Will Read Data From A Webpage Process Numbers Collected Take A Decision Based On The Rules ...

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